What is iamgurgaon?

Iamgurgaon is a citizens initiative aimed at awakening a responsible, aware & vigilant populace …to make our city a better place to live in .We work only on the Environment ,in a collaborative partnership to effect change.

How did iamgurgaon start ?

iamgurgaon was started by Latika Thukral , Swanzal Kak Kapoor & Ambika Agarwal , who are citizens of the city ,who wanted to make a difference in their city. It was started on 31st March 2009.

How can I volunteer ?

Imagurgaon totally works on volunteering. We are happy to have you volunteer with us based on your experience & interest. We always need help during the plantation months , social media , designing etc.

Do you offer internships ? Are they paid or unpaid ?

We look forward to young kids working with us . We offer unpaid internships. We do offer a certificate once 30 hours of work are completed with us.

How can I donate ? Will I get tax benefit ?

Iamgurgaon is an NGO & we have 80G & FCRA . Please look at our website for more details.

What is the best time for planting ?

We plant only three months in a year, during the monsoon months ,( dates vary with monsoon dates) mainly from 2nd week July – 15th Sept .

Can I bring my own saplings for planting ?

We plant only local species & have created our own nursery . We do not allow any other species to be planted .

What is the cost of planting ?

The cost of a sapling is Rs. 650 with maintenance of 3 years . We do boast of creating a habitat rather than just planting trees .

Can I buy saplings from your Nursery ?

What are your projects?

Please look at our website for details.

How are your projects funded ?

All our projects are funded by the corporate & we have worked with over 80 corporates , We also have personal donors who support us in our projects.

Who owns the land?

All our projects are done in collaboration with the City Government & we sign an MOU to work on their land .

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