The mammoth task of making ambitious projects such as ‘MillionTreesGurgaon’ see the light of day would not have been possible without our dedicated network of stakeholders. Whether children, housewives, corporate bosses, skilled mallis, young volunteers or knowledgeable citizens, each one of you gave that little push, which collectively set the ball rolling.

Each of you with your own precious contribution, whether funding, planting a sapling or raising a burning issue on social media, have helped get Iamgurgaon to where it is today. Though the battle has just begun, we would like to thank what we like to call our ‘doers and believers’ by putting up their names here. We would love this list to go on and on, as time goes by.

If you are a corporate or an individual based in Gurgaon, and would like to get associated with us, please get in touch with us here.