• A cleaning initiative was organized in Arjun Market, which we had ‘adopted’ for the purpose, and street plays were organized to make people aware about our cleanliness drive.
  • We have organized runs in the past to raise awareness on greening and cleaning Gurgaon, with a focus on conserving water.
  • We have and continue to encourage citizens to minimize the use of polythene bags through the ‘I pledge to carry my own bag’ initiative. It is now done during Earth Day celebrations every year.
  • We have assisted in cleaning and greening of many triangles and roundabouts in Gurgaon, as also assisting Sulabh employees to keep their toilets clean.
  • Working with under privileged children in various schools, as also spreading awareness among school teachers to inculcate sensitivity towards environmental issues in schoolchildren.
  • We started a Gurgaon Water awareness campaign in association with MCG in which we used digital, mobile, ambient and other media to spread awareness.
  • Up-gradation of the existing rainwater nallahs across Gurgaon starting with the nallah at the Genpact crossing on Golf Course Road (1.2 km). The redefined nallahs will not only mitigate the problem of storm water management but in addition will also improve pedestrian traffic management. The iamgurgaon team raised funds for a test project at the Genpact crossing through Reach 2010 but after clearing encroachments, fencing off the nallah zone, and attempting several bio-remedial measures to purify the nallah water, the authorities were unable to reach a consensus on the project.



  • MillionTreesGurgaon:

Through our ongoing MillionTreesGurgaon project, we have successfully planted about 1 lakh saplings, out of which 65,000 saplings have been planted at the Aravali Biodiversity Park.

  • The Aravali Biodiversity Park

The Aravali Biodiversity Park is an IAG initiative in conjunction with the Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon. We continue to engage with its development and are organizing planting drives, nature walks, cleaning drives, leaf composting as well as cultural events at this park located in the Aravalli Range near the Delhi border. This project will not only reinforce the local ecology by reclaiming the native Aravali forest but also change the landscape of the entire Range in the area.

  • Know Your Trees

To educate children on the importance of appreciating floral diversity and its various benefits, we organize ‘KnowYourTrees’ campaigns every year in conjunction with Earth Day celebrations. We also encourage the children to cultivate the practice of carrying their own bags so as to reduce the usage of polythene.

  • Waste management and segregation

The Aravali Biodiversity Park is envisioned to be a zone free of toxic waste build up, so we have constituted a team that manages waste management and segregation within the Park. Non-biodegradable waste is being sent for recycling through association with Extra Carbon, a waste segregation and recycling firm.

  • Community outreach

We are actively engaged in the promotion of environmental conservation through our website and social media. We do from time to time organize or be a part of movements that are aimed at contributing to the mitigation of deforestation in the Aravalis.