MillionTreesGurgaon is a public-private initiative with one ambitious goal: to plant and nurture one million trees in Gurgaon. Planting a million trees does seem a daunting task – but what would this mean to Gurgaon? We would give our city and its people an extraordinary gift for generations to come.

The benefits to Gurgaon are huge – the numbers, staggering:

  1. A million trees planted over 3,500 acres would sequester 8,750 MT of CO2 annually!
  2. A hundred mature trees intercept 378,000 litres of rainwater/year. A million trees would intercept 3.7 billion litres of rainwater per annum!
  3. One million trees will provide enough oxygen for 2 million people, the entire population of Gurgaon.

Sustainability is the key to this operation. We have identified locations that can be secured, monitored and fed with recycled water. The trees will be cared and nurtured for 3 years.

What do we need from you?

  • Individuals to participate in planting
  • Volunteers to help organize the effort
  • Financial contribution to the creation and maintenance cost

Gurgaon needs your participation. MillionTreesGurgaon is more than just planting trees—it’s a movement! No matter how you participate, you will be changing the future of this city.

To join our 2014 Tree Plantation Drive, please RSVP by clicking on the image below:


Location: Aravalli Bio Diversity Park (Location Map)

Time: 7 am to 10 am

For more information, do check out our Facebook page.

To join our team of Volunteers, please click here.