We have filed a petition with the govt. of Haryana to disallow liquor vends on the roads of Gurgaon, and instead have them moved to commercial markets.

We have got a mixed response from about 200 respondents hence we are running this wider survey to assess if this indeed is a big enough problem for residents in Gurgaon.

It will be great if you can Please voice your opinion through this poll. Do read the PROs and CONs below before answering.

THE PROs – Liquor Vends on Roads are required because:

  1. They provide easy accessibility and convenience to consumers
  2. Authorized “Ahatas” (Govt. Approved Drinking places) next to Liquor Vends allow the common man to drink conveniently
  3. Rents of shops in Commercial Markets are expensive – meaning less revenue to the Government or higher prices
  4. Liquor Taxes are an important part of the Government’s Revenue and the more it is consumed the more the Government can earn

The CONs – Liquor Vends should not be allowed on Roads but limted only to Commercial Markets because:

  1. They provide a place for drunk men to congregate in the open and indulge in all sort of uncivilized behaviour – including drunken brawls, eve teasing, anti social behaviour, etc.
  2. They make the streets very unsafe for women
  3. People specially women are scared to use the road
  4. Parked cars next to liquor vends are a traffic nuisance – they cause traffic jams and accidents
  5. They encourage drunk driving
  6. They leave a very bad impression of the city
  7. Convenient access to liquor encourages impulsive drinking and alcoholism which is a bane for the society.

Should Government allow Liquor Vends on Gurgaon Roads or be Limted to Commercial Market Places only?

My vote is for:

1. Yes – Liquor Vends should be allowed on Gurgaon Roads

2. No – Liquor Vends should not be allowed on roads but be Limited to Commercial Market Places only

3. I am okay either ways

Please click here to take the survey: https://www.facebook.com/questions/497150690327778/