The Gurgaon of today is a striking example of how our cities are rapidly evolving, striving to millennium city status. It has become the destination for millions of corporate hopefuls, families wanting to settle in upscale communities and suburban residents hoping to live the city life. The city is expanding at an unprecedented rate, but its natural resources being limited, have become scarcer with passing time, resulting in a crisis at several fronts. This has severely affected the quality of urban life in this city of tomorrow.

This is where iamgurgaon comes in. We are a by the citizen, for the citizen initiative that has taken up the responsibility to make Gurgaon a better place to live in.  You, the empowered citizen, have the power in your hands to contribute to the betterment of the city of Gurgaon. We provide you a platform where you may connect with various other inspired people, just like you, and all of us together can work to make a difference.



We bring together (extra) ordinary citizens, resident welfare associations, corporate organizations, schools, the state administration and other stakeholders in a collaborative partnership to effect the transformation of Gurgaon into a true Millennium City. If you wish to be part of this change, then the time to take action is now.

To find out more about what we have done and/or are currently doing, click on the ‘About’ tab above and select ‘Our Work’. To know more about our ongoing projects, click on the ‘Projects’ tab.

Make your voice heard. Protest against what is going wrong. Get your hands dirty. You are Gurgaon.                                                  You have come thus far, now make a difference.